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To attain an affordable growth rate and maximize the return on investment which could be achieved by managing costs and increasing sales.

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Abdulhameed Al-Khaliqi Company for importing medicines and medical Sup. (K.M Pharmaceuticals is Commercial Mark ) were established in2000 in Sana'a – Yemen.

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Our Management

K.M Pharmaceuticals  Company emphasizes extensively the importance of providing highly-qualified human cadres for managing the Company and selecting qualified, efficient, and gifted personnel with wide experience in the field of management. The Company’s marketing and sales team enjoys innovative and development capability and the ability to retain the Company’s position attained in the field of therapeutic and medicinal market. Perhaps the most important feature characterizing K.M Pharmaceuticals  Company’s team is their ability to confront the crises to which the Company might be exposed; especially in light of the circumstances which Yemen is going through. Besides, the marketing and sales team which consists of more than (200) employees has managed to retain the Company’s position in terms of selling, marketing, and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and attained the market share.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

General Director

Mr. Faiz Zaid Al-Khalqi

Cell: 00967 772161213

Executive Manager

Dr. Aspeel Mohammed Al-Maqdashi

Cell: 00967 770030311

Director Business Development

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Affarah

Cell: 00967 770920720

Scientific Officer

Dr. Khalid Abdulqader Al-Amri

Marketing & Sales Director

Bassam Zaid Al-Khalqi

Cell: 00967 777393925

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